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Here you may recall  our past Navy friends and co-workers on the NAVCOMPARS, the LDMX and the many systems that grew from  them (i.e. RIXT, NAVMACS, CUDIXS, PCMT, GATEGUARD, FOTACS, MMS). Recall and add to the history of their planning, development,  maintenance, and implementation of the NAVCOMPARS from 1972 to retirement in 2003.   Find where many  friends and co-workers are today, where they have been and what they been doing on"lesser efforts"  in the NCP Directory.

E-mail me to add or edit your history and doings with old friends, or to add some personal history insights to the "legacy" systems.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Another visit to rebuild site

Got some more sad news this week after hearing first of Wayne Ponder in hospital, then Badge e-mailed that L-Squared (Lary Lisner) left us in Jan.  And got some responses of memories that kicked me to take another try at this.  Have to see how this works as I am removing 30 year old wallpaper in dining room.  Thus, taking 20 minutes while the paper remover spray (DIF) does whatever it does to get stuff to sort of peel off.  Boy, do I hate change - it means work!  Now have to first figure what the hell I did last time I started this new setup trying to use the host's site bulder software.  Which of course does not let me do half of what I want, but is a lot better looking color and graphics.

11:54 am est

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